Ensure a welcoming atmosphere and integrate newcomers and old into the Evergreen Fellowship.

Coffee Hour Hosting

Coffee hour takes place after each Sunday service in Beaman Hall, or in the Parker Room during the Summer months, and is dependent on wonderful volunteers to keep it going. Coffee hosting schedules are created every three months from the list of members and friends at Evergreen.


Please notify the office administrator if:

  • You wish to opt-in or out, temporarily or permanently

  • You can't get enough of coffee hosting and want to be scheduled more frequently

  • You would like to request light duty coffee hosting (no heavy lifting)

  • You swap days with someone

With the amount of people on the list, each person should expect to have coffee hosting duty roughly twice a year. Check out the current schedule and coffee hosting instructions below. 

Coffee hour would not be possible without the wonderful service of our coffee hosts! Thank you!

Please note that coffee hosting is suspended until services resume in person at Evergreen.