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Religious Exploration for Children, Youth and Adults

Religious Exploration Vision Statement

We are a compassionate, interconnected community of spiritually-rooted carbon-based life forms living our values.

Religious Exploration Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a welcoming place of acceptance and service that encourages connection to the personal spiritual journey, to each other, to the Evergreen community, and to the world.

Registration Information for Children & Youth

The Guest Registration form is for newcomer families to fill out so that we have some basic information about the children and their needs, feel free to fill it out before attending. The Registration form for the program year includes additional permissions (like photo and grounds), and ALL information you provide is kept private within the Fellowship.  Children and Youth can join in the program and be registered at any time during the year, but they must be registered to receive our regular updates and get the Zoom links we use for our virtual gatherings. Please review the Evergreen Safety Policies and Procedures.  We look forward to meeting you!

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