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Youth Service Projects

At the beginning of the year, the children discuss what kinds of service projects they’d like to participate in and where they’d like their fundraising money to go.  Past service projects have included:

  • Tree planting in Marysville along Hayho Creek and at Strawberry Fields

  • Making care packages for deployed service members

  • Collection drives for cold weather clothes and food bank goods

  • Making take-away sandwiches for Marysville Community Lunch

  • Raising money for animal shelters

Marysville Food Bank
Food Bank 2018.jpg
The children toured the facility and were given tasks like sorting:
  • toothpaste & brushes

  • diapers

  • potatoes

Tree Planting with the Adopt-A-Stream Foundation
RE families helped plant more than 75 trees in Marysville along Hayho Creek to help rehabilitate the stream for Salmon
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