group #1: “We are a diverse congregation collaborating in a community of nurturing &

growth & life in a safe, welcoming, accessible facility. And people know us by name.”


group #2: “A welcoming and growing congregation that gathers for personal/spiritual

growth, interpersonal relationships, and coordinated outreach to the wider community.”


group #3: “We’re a multigenerational congregation powered by many voices that is

carrying the flame of our values into our lives and the lives of the wider community.”


group #4: “Evergreen is a welcoming recharging center for dreamers coming together

to support each other and explore in an enriching and engaging environment to

lead to compassionate understanding of the world.”


group #5: “A genuinely welcoming circle of diverse people holding hands in continuing

efforts for deep & frequent connections and intellectual & spiritual growth & activism,

reaching their hands in and out of the circle in active healing.”

Evergreen Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
1607 Fourth St. Marysville, WA 98270
Phone: 360.659.6621
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