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Chalice Lighters

The Chalice Lighter Program assists the growth of new and existing Unitarian Universalist member congregations in the Pacific Northwest with grants to provide vital capabilities and infrastructure. Grants are funded exclusively through contributions from Unitarian Universalists who participate as Chalice Lighters. 

Chalice Lighter grants are intended to help congregations grow by:

•securing, improving or furnishing a building

•reaching out to the community to attract new members

•initiating a new congregation

•funding any other creative program to facilitate growth


Grants are not awarded for the purpose of covering normal operating expenses. 

Chalice Lighter requirements:

•have at least 30% of its members enrolled as Chalice Lighters*

•be a UUA Annual Program Fund Honor Congregation*

•be a PNWD Honor Congregation**

•pledge to respond to up to 3 calls each church year by contributing at least $20 for each Fall, Winter, and Spring Call ($60/year)


Has Evergreen Unitarian Universalist Fellowship received grants?


We were granted funds in...

  • 1992 for repainting the exterior of the building

  • 1998 for new carpeting in the sanctuary

  • 2008 for replacing pews with chairs

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