the Rev. Tom Bozeman


We're delighted that Pastor Tom joined us as our minister in the summer of 2017.

A native of the Connecticut River Valley, he has spent much of his life exploring this continent. After attending The Evergreen State College several years ago, he's thrilled to be back in the Salish Sea Basin after a few years away.

Pastor Tom was raised Unitarian Universalist (UU), attended one of the two UU seminaries in the world, and, prior to coming here to serve Evergreen, he served UU congregations in Kingston, Duxbury, Grafton, and Brewster, Massachusetts.

He fancies himself something of a cinephile, tries to keep up with his meditation practices, and is currently studying with the Bartimaeus Institute.

When to Call the Minister?

  • When you haven’t met me yet, but would like to.

  • When you have problems to discuss—about anything.

  • When a sympathetic ear might help.

  • When you’re going in the hospital or know someone else who is.

  • When someone close to you dies or is critically ill.

  • When you’re planning to be married, or might need to be.

  • When you return from vacation.

  • When one of your children graduates from college.

  • When you have a child to be dedicated.

  • When you’re pregnant but wish you weren’t.

  • When you’ve been arrested, or ought to be.

  • When you want to learn more about Unitarian Universalism.

  • When you’re scared.

  • When you’d like to make a bequest to the church.

  • When you’re considering joining the congregation.

  • When a friend of your wants to know more about our faith.

  • When you have suggestions about the programs for the congregation.

  • When you have suggestions for worship services.

  • When you’d like to help with any congregational activities.

  • When you want to discuss community issues.

  • When you’re mad at me.

  • When you’d like to talk religion with me.

“When To Call The Minister” has been recreated and revised, attributed and mis–attributed, over the years, as things in newsletters often are. Universalist minister Peter Lee Scott wrote the original for the Elm City Universalist Church in New Haven, CT in 1957.

Note from the Minister