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Thank you all for joining us for "Serve Sunday"!

On Sunday, August 25, we joined together with the Marysville United Methodist Church (with whom we shared a building about 25 years ago!) for Serve Sunday. We worshiped together and then went out into the community to combine our efforts on a number of service projects:

Yard work @ Evergreen

Jen helped guide people in yard work tasks at Evergreen out front (along 4th street) and in the parking lot removing blackberries. There was pruning, plant removal, plant relocation, weed pulling, and truck loading.

Eagle Ridge Community Garden

A portion of the community garden is dedicated to providing produce for the Lake Stevens Food Bank; this section was weeded and seeds were planted.

Painting Rocks @ MUMC

Rocks and paints were available at MUMC; The rocks were taken to the Eagle Ridge Community Garden to beautify the area dedicated to the food bank.

Sharing Wheels

This organization provides a place for people to work on their bikes with appropriate tools and knowledgeable help, as well as offering programs for people to swap bikes or get discounts on quality used bikes. People working at this location helped rearrange their shop so they can better use their space, and helped with cleaning or fixing bikes. Find out more about them at

Preschool Playground @ MUMC

This involved raking rocks in the playground and general clean-up in the playground.

Here you can see some of the fun:

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