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Special Congregational Meeting - September 2023

Dear members of Evergreen Unitarian Universalist Fellowship,

We will hold a Special Congregational Meeting September 10th at 12:15 in the Cascade Room at the Carl Gipson Center in person and online via Zoom. Question and Answer sessions will be provided prior to the Meeting, in person and on Zoom.

At the Meeting you will be asked to approve the lease worked out by the Board and the Carl Gipson Center. The lease was sent out to members with the official notice. You will be asked to approve a new budget to provide funds for this rental as well as a new line item for publicity. Finally, you will be asked to approve changes to the Bylaws that bring them in line with current realities and do not intend to change their meaning. Comments are included with the changes to explain why the changes are proposed. If you have not requested notice emailed to you, you are being physically mailed this notice with paper enclosures of the lease, budget and Bylaw proposal.

Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez, Board President

The Zoom link is the same link we use for Sunday services, Meeting ID 834 5135 2406 Password 209391. If you are attending online, when you sign in to the meeting, you will get confirmation if you are an eligible voting member. If your household has more than one eligible voting member, you are encouraged to sign into Zoom with a separate device for each voting member.

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