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Building & Grounds



To plan and implement routine and emergency maintenance projects, and implement improvements approved by the Board of Trustees.



  • Schedules needed maintenance and improvement work and coordinates volunteers

  • Work with an aesthetics team to identify and carry out projects to improve the beauty and function of our church home.

  • Maintain our garden landscaping in a sustainable, aesthetically pleasing manner. Make sure are grounds are tidy and litter free.

  • Develop, implement and maintain appropriate building security measures.

  • Sound System:  Attends to the sound system during Sunday services and/or events

We encourage you to volunteer for any part of the mission that speaks to your interests. Particularly useful would be help with grounds maintenance and your availability for emergency maintenance and repairs.



The Communication Committee supports and facilitates communication within the congregation and to the larger community to provide information and invite participation.

Vision Statement 

In a healthy and vibrant community, communication is a two-way street.  In order to strengthen our connection the wider community and insure an informed congregation the Communication Committee:

  • Solicits and encourages congregants to provide text and/or photos that reflect our identity and promote current events

  • Meets the needs of members and friends through a variety of communication methods; offers opportunities for familiarization with technological tools

  • Provides frequent and timely processes for feedback regarding day-to-day experiences, activities and needs at the Fellowship

  • Bridges communication between leadership and congregants; offers services for teams and committees to effectively and readily accomplish their goals; supports leadership collaboration in achieving their objectives.


  • Weekly Newsletter

  • Seasonal Newsletter (released every 6 weeks)

  • Evergreen Website

  • Evergreen UUF Facebook page

  • Classes and individual instruction on use of technological tools that facilitate communication

Green Team



Maintain Green Sanctuary Accreditation and live out commitment to the Earth creating sustainable lifestyles for its members as individuals and as a faith community.


  • Maintain at least eight “green” programs in four main activities.

  • Make Building and grounds eco-friendly.

  • Conduct one Worship and Celebration service a year as it pertains to Ministerial leadership and celebrations of our interconnectedness.  

  • Adult and children’s religious education.



  • Clean eating and zero waste

  • Styrofoam and battery recycling on first Sunday of the month

  • Green Team Auction Sustainable Dinner

  • Community Garden

  • Solar Panel Project

  • Collaboration with other community organizations

    • Meaningful Movies

    • 350 Everett

    • C3


Reports to: Board Liaison

Serves for: One year term. Recommit  each June.


Social Action


"To actively address issues of poverty and social justice in our community."



We work with and support other local organizations with similar goals, such as the following: Marysville Community Lunch; Marysville Community Food Bank; and Marysville Cold Weather Shelter.  We also continue to seek out partnerships with other groups doing social justice work and serving under-represented populations.

Once a month, half of the Sunday morning offering is donated to a charity designated by the committee.




Facilitates our annual Pledge Drive each spring to project next year’s resources


Plans and conducts activities throughout the year describing and supporting culture of abundance culminating in tightly organized pledge drive with celebration of completion.

Reports to: Board of Trustees and Finance Committee

Succession structure:

Team vice chair – 1 year

Team chair -  1 year

Team past chair – 1 year

Other 3 members  2 years each

Current Members:

Ray Mutchler, Michelle Valentine,

Chuck Taylor, Nancy Guidry & Sandie Biggerstaff




Organizes and carries out the party evening event.

Reports To: Finance Chair

Currently, we are in need of someone to lead us into the new world of hosting an online virtual auction since we aren't able to meet in person. If you're interested in this position, the office administrator has been collecting some resources on online auctions, so please reach out to her at


Common Ground Choir


To provide meaningful choral music for worship services and serve as worship leaders in leading and supporting congregational singing.  The choir also serves as a ministry for its participants, providing an opportunity for the pursuit of musical excellence, the enjoyment of singing with others, camaraderie, and serving as a source of inspiration and support for the singing congregation.


Provides special music for worship services, leads congregational singing.

Reports to: Minister

Serves for: as long as possible

Check out the Common Ground page for more information.


Worship Committee


Generate and support excellence in the EUUF worship experience.


  • Worship Associates: Recruit, Train, Schedule and Support

  • Guest Speakers: Recruit, schedule and orient

Primary Network Relationships:

  • Sound and Technology

  • Greeters

  • Music

  • Aesthetics

  • Minister

Current Needs:

  • A recruiter for guest speakers

  • Additional Worship Associates

  • Volunteer Guest Speakers from within the Fellowship




Ensure a welcoming atmosphere and integrate newcomers and old into the Evergreen Fellowship.


  • Greeters and the congregation welcome visitors/guests/returning members.

  • (Coordinate hospitality after each service.)*

  • Integrate newcomers into the Evergreen Fellowship.

  • Conduct classes on the Path to Membership.

  • Encourage newcomers to join small groups such as Covenant Circles.

Serves for: One year term which can be continued each June. Currently this committee is vacant. 




Assign preparing Refreshments and coffee  for after the service gathering.


  • Follow directions provided, which include:

  • Set up coffee at 10AM

  • Display cookies that are provided.

  • Clean up dishes and kitchen

  • Sweep floor

  • Wipe down tables.

  • Place all food garbage in a dumpster




Welcome all who enter.


Provide newcomers with name tag, and card to fill out contact information.

Collect the offering and count attendance.

Perform additional duties listed by the Chairman.

Reports to: Membership Chairman

Serves for: on a voluntary basis. Most Greeters serve once or twice every two months on an ongoing basis.


Safety Team


The Safety Team Mission is to ensure the safety of the Evergreen Unitarian Universalist Fellowship congregants and visitors and the building and its contents; to provide information to the congregation and other building users of safety precautions and issues.


  • Write articles for the Newsletter and Weekly Update that speak to safety issues

  • Provide training for the Worship Teams: Worship Associates, Greeters and Choir

  • Schedule Fire, Earthquake and Unwanted Intruder drills from time to time for the Congregation (when we meet in person)

  • Survey the building on a regular basis to ensure that it is safe for congregants and

  • visitors

  • To accept and respond to feedback from congregants and visitors.

  • To collaborate with the Building and Grounds Committee, Board, Worship and Membership/Greeters Committees.


Other Teams & Committees